Kirinbell Brittany Kennel


**6th December 2020**


We had a lovely morning at Ladies Kennel Association show. The weather was just gorgeous ☀️ and the company lots of fun.
I am super happy with the kids performances today and their results.
🌟Esther-Kirinbell The Girls Got Game best baby puppy of breed and she tried very hard to be on her best behavior 🥰
🌟Gilbert - Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ET Best of Breed, Best Australian Bred in Group and shortlisted for Best Australian Bred in Show 🥰
🌟Jagger- Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD RA JD ET JC Best Neuter of Breed, Best Neuter in Group and RU Neuter in Show!! 🥰
Thank you to the judges for the placements



**5th December 2020**

Stanley 'Kirinbell Me N Mo' is Best Australian Bred in Group at St George Red Show!  Well done Fiona and Stanley.


**21st November 2020**

Gilbert was a very good Brittany at the Newcastle Rally Trial this morning, he achieved his second Rally Novice pass. He worked well scoring 95 only to be let down by his handler who lost 10 points by mixing up her left turns 😳 bringing the score to 85. Lucky he loves me 😊🥰😊

**5th November 2020**

Welcome to the world our beautiful Gertie x Stevie babies born 5th November 2020. Gertie presented us with 2 big bouncing boys.
Gertie is doing a fabulous job and the boys, currently nicknamed Wallace & Gromit, are thriving.

**1st November 2020**

In what seems like ages had our first 'away' show weekend at Goulburn Dog Training & Kennel Club Shows. Despite it being a cold, wet and boggy weekend thanks must go to the committee, volunteers and judges for a well run, enjoyable weekend.
We had the pleasure of catching up with and Adora (Kirinbell U Should Be So Lucky) at their first shows. Well done on 2 x Minor Puppy of Breed, 2 x BCC and 2 x RUBOB
Our results made the wet muddy conditions worthwhile
At her first weekend of showing Esther (Kirinbell The Girls
Got Game) was 3 x Baby of Breed and BABY OF GROUP
Gilbert - (Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ET) was 3 x BOB and was shortlisted for Best In Group for 2:3 shows
Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD RA JD ET JC) at his very first weekend showing as a Neuter was awarded 3 x Neuter of Breed and BEST NEUTER IN GROUP AND RUNNER UP BEST NEUTER IN SHOW


**20th October 2020*

Frank and I are both so excited .... our gorgeous, gregarious Gertie girl has been confirmed in whelp! Gertie has been bred to Stevie ~ American Champion Triumphant's Absolutely G.Q. Master Hunt Dog. Stevie is not only a proven sire of numerous titled offspring he is listed in the American Brittany Club’s Registry of Merit. The Registry of Merit recognizes outstanding sires and dams whose influence on the breed is seen in a lasting way through their progeny in conformation, the field, hunt tests, obedience, agility and rally. Stevie is a dual dog: he has attained his master hunt title and has field trial placements including a win in Open Gun Dog Stakes. We cannot wait to see what this pairing produces not only for ourselves but hopefully to contribute to the Brittany gene pool here in Australia. 
**Our wait list for puppies from this litter is full**
As with all our litters, these puppies will be raised using Puppy Culture Protocols


**13th October 2020**

Today was the first day back at Hills Dog Club Tuesday morning Obedience Class since March. I instructed the Graduate class and they were fabulous! It was very nice to be back 😀

Even better... a nice surprise.... I had completely forgotten about the dogs 2019 Title Trophies and was thrilled to receive them and a 10 year service medal.
Gilbert and Gertie were awarded for attaining their Endurance Title and Jagger was awarded for his Jumping Dog Title.



**20th September 2020**

Today at the Blacktown Rally trial, Team Kirinbell did very well!


Despite rain, mud and dive-bombing swallows

Jem ~ Kirinbell Chase N The Dragon, handled by Mary was awarded his second Rally Novice pass.
Piper ~ Ch Kirinbell Party Doll, handled by Teresa was awarded her first two Rally Novice passes.
Congratulations! We are very proud of how these two young dogs are working.



**10th August 2020**


I received this heartwarming email today.  This kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile.

Hi Sam

Yes, we are all well, and I am happy for you to share. Solay is so much part of the family – always attentive and engaged with what is happening – eyes locked onto me. I’ll describe a few of the things which make her a  great companion for me (plus the things we are still working on), so that you can pass on to prospective owners, if you wish, what is possible. You will know that this goes hand-in-hand with adequate training and socialisation.

I can take her anywhere as she is so well behaved, totally quiet, in the car, and has excellent manners, waiting patiently for me to give the cue to exit. She is also perfectly happy to wait curled up snoozing in the car whilst I do grocery shopping etc. We visit coffee shops etc and she sits patiently and calmly under the table, irrespective of other dogs, birds etc in the area; and will happily come out for the obligatory pats from kids and strangers. 

I have had minimal incidents with chewing and/digging as she has been growing up – possible due to management as much as anything. She still has the toys that she was given as a 3 month old pup!.. well mouthed to get every last squeak out, but not chewed.

Her barking is absolutely appropriate – she barks at unknown people at the front of our place, and then she comes to me, as much to say “I’ve let you know they are here, now over to you”, and she will stop with a calm command from me. She also has a peculiar short bark to get my attention which is quite different, and has alerted me to her finding a large lizard, a snake and an echidna on different occasions. She does not bark at the birds (but will chase them, unless instructed not to); and she sits quietly and surveys the brush turkeys through our (pool) fencing as they regularly stroll within a few metres along their bush path at the back of our property.

As you know, she has been great as a visitor dog (from 4 months to 3 years) in my parents Aged Care Facility – all stopped now unfortunately due to Covid.

She has been rather pushy in wanting to play too roughly with some (young and timid) dogs in the off-leash dog parks ….. Never any aggression, just full-on. I have handled this by intervening, and also by matching her with bigger dogs who can better cope. Reassuringly, now that some of the frenetic adolescent behaviour has disappeared, she is much more polite and calm.

Her ‘wash ‘n wear’ coat is fabulous. Even if she gets filthy dirty, which she can after tumbling and wrestling with other dogs interspersed with plunging into the water bowls (head under water at times), she can then,  within a very short space of time, appear completely clean again!!!! …. I don’t quite understand it, but it is great … and she drip dries quickly. The shedding is minimal (and is nothing to me after having a labrador!)

I am really pleased with our current Agility training – we both love the activity, and she is a keen natural – only held back by her poor handler (me!) who is trying to remember what I am supposed to be doing. My biggest challenge has been her tendency to be distracted by smell or sight and run off to follow it, but that is progressively improving with age.

I have included a few photos, and I must admit that Solay has learnt to be very tolerant of the things that I ask of her, posing her in unexpected situations. The latest trick is that she holds shmacko straps between her top lip and teeth - to mimic the appearance of walrus tusks – until I give the release word for her to eat the shmackos! … an amusing trick to teach during Covid times!!

**9th July 2020**

Please note:  All puppies are spoken for.


**5th April 2020**



Please note:  All puppies are spoken for.


**15 March 2020**


At Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club Championship Show  
Gorgeous Gilbert ~ Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ET ~

awarded RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP & BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN GROUP.  So proud of our stunning boy.



**10 March 2020**

**26th January 2020**

Gilbert is on a bit of a roll; BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR IN GROUP at Dogs NSW Library and Archives Australia Day Show.

** 10th January 2020**

Our first show of the year at Combined Northern Canine Committee Show and Gilbert RUNNER UP TO BEST IN GROUP and BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN GROUP.   Off to a good start!!


**1st January 2020**

2019 was a big year for Kirinbell. We had two stunning litters of puppies, attended three Royals, the big three in Victoria, (Vic Gundog, Vic Womens and Sunbury) and lots of dog shows, both locally and away. We completed the Dogs NSW Endurance Test, started Agility Trialling and generally just enjoyed loving and being loved by our Brittanys.
2019 Pointscore Results are in:-
I am thrilled to bits ~ Kirinbell is Australia's # 1 Brittany Breeder of the Year for 2019!!

I am delighted by the success of our sensational team. The dogs 

Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar ET(Gertie)

# 1 NSW Brittany Show Dog of the Year
# 1 NSW Brittany Breed Challenge Competition
# 3 National Brittany Show Dog of the Year
# 3 National Brittany Breed Challenge Competition

This year has been big one for Gertie, she really started to come into her own in the show ring. She won Bitch Challenge at three Royals and was awarded her first Runner Up in Group along with several Class in Group wins. She earned her Endurance Dog Title, survived a Red Belly Black snake bite (that was a scary week) and has begun some more serious agility training. I can’t wait to see what to see what 2020 brings for my indominable wild child (but no more snakes please)!

Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ET (Gilbert) 

# 2 NSW Brittany Breed Challenge 
# 2 National Brittany Breed Challenge Competition

Gilbert performed consistently in the show ring throughout the year where he has been awarded several very nice class in group wins and he also earned his Endurance Dog Title. He continues to win hearts where ever he goes, his sweet, loving personality ensures he is always the perfect breed ambassador. Gilbert is maturing beautifully and along with continuing his show career I am hoping to get him into the Rally and Obedience Trial rings in 2020.

Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD RA JD ET JC (Jagger)
# 2 NSW Brittany Show Dog of the Year
# 3 NSW Brittany Breed Challenge Competition
# 4 National Brittany Show Dog of the Year

Jagger was shown very minimally in 2019, in fact he only did 9 shows all year, so his results really speak for themselves! He continues to love the show ring and remains a true showman however this year saw him begin his agility trialling career. Jagger and I are having an absolute blast with agility, he performs at agility as he does everything in life, full on with the utmost enthusiasm and willingness to please. He earned his JD (Jumping Dog Title) and his first Excellent Jumping pass, great results when you consider he is very handicapped by his handler. Looking forward to lots more agility in 2020 Thank you Fiona Brown-Elkner for my amazing boy.

Ch Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret (Lewis) (Tiena Palin & Paul Palin) 

# 3 QLD Brittany Show Dog of the Year
# 3 QLD Brittany Breed Challenge Competition
# 6 National Brittany Show Dog of the Year

Kirinbell Me N Mo (Stanley) (Fiona Gill) 

# 1 NSW Brittany Rising Star
# 5 National Brittany Rising Star

Kirinbell Chase N The Dragon (Jem) (Mary Webster)

# 2 NSW Brittany Rising Star
# 7 National Brittany Rising Star

Kirinbell Style N Grace (Josie) (Paul Reyment & Cheryl Reyment)

# 1 Victorian Brittany Rising Star
# 9 National Brittany Rising Star

Kirinbell Chase N Fame (Casey)(Anthony Higgans & Samantha Ibbott-Cordi) 

# 3 NSW Brittany Rising Star
# 11 National NSW Brittany Rising Star

Thank you Tiena, Paul, Fiona, Mary, Tony, Paul and Cheryl not just for loving, adoring and showing your Kirinbell kids but for your valued friendship.

Here's to lots of fun days in 2020 


** 22nd December 2019**

We attended the Dogs NSW PR Committee Christmas Show. It was a great way to finish our show year; a lovely cool evening spent in the company of wonderful friends, with good food, beautiful dogs to run with and some very nice results.
Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD AT JD ET JC) showed himself beautifully (he really does love the show ring). He was awarded a nice 11 point Best of Breed and was shortlisted for Best in Group. Unfortunately he was knocked out for Class by the group winner.
Gilbert (Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ET) was Reserve Dog Challenge and was also knocked out for class by the group runner up.
Stanley (Kirinbell Me N Mo) and Jem (Kirinbell Chase N The Dragon) showed exceptionally well. I am so proud of both these youngsters and was absolutely thrilled to bits when Jem was awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group!!
Not to be outdone both Gertie (Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar ET) and Samba (Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN JC) showed just as well as the boys with Gertie being awarded Bitch Challenge, Runner Up Best of Breed and Intermediate in Group!!

**1st December 2019**

A fun weekend away in Cooma with our Brittany kids and baby Jem. 

I am thrilled with how Gilbert, Gertie and Jem showed. We had very consistent results; Gertie Best of Breed, Gilbert Runner Up Best of Breed and Jem Minor of Breed over the three Championship shows. Gertie was shortlisted for Group Friday and Saturday and today RUNNER UP TO BEST IN GROUP!!! I am super proud of our homebred Flirty Gertie Girl and very grateful to have received some lovely compliments on all the kids.






(love the crazy hair... it was blowing a gale)





**15th November 2019**

Happy 7th Birthday Jagger!  
I cannot believe how quickly the years have gone by and can honestly say I could not wish for a better dog, he lives each day to fullest, loves everyone he meets and brings joy to my life every day. Love him to bits xxx



**5th November 2019**

Gilbert, Gertie, Stanley and I had an amazing trip down to Victoria for the prestigious Melbourne Cup weekend of shows.  The Victorian Gundog Show - Gertie Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed - Gilbert Reserve Dog Challenge

 Vic Womens All Breeds Show - Gertie Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed - Gilbert Reserve Dog Challenge

 Sunbury Canine Club Show - Gertie Bitch Challenge and Runner to Best of Breed - Gilbert  Dog Challenge and Best of Breed 

Stanley was Baby Puppy of Breed at all three shows.


**22nd September 2019**

A few photos from our weekend at Coffs Habour. The dogs were not at all greedy; Gilbert, Gertie and Jagger shared, each were awarded Best of Breed. Jem was Baby of Breed at all three shows, he is a total angel and was loved by everyone who met him.



**15th September 2019**

Jagger, Gertie & I travelled to Glenreagh for Clarence Dog Sports Quadruple Agility & Jumping Trial. We had a very relaxing weekend in the company of Jem & Co.
We had mixed results with our runs. First up on Saturday JDX & I was beyond thrilled with our first run. We DQ'd but that was entirely on me, I sent Jagger the wrong way over one of the last jumps 🤓  & of course he is such a good boy he did exactly as I asked him to do 😀  Next up was AD & again I was thrilled, we faulted on the first jump but from there on it was a clear round & we got the weaves!!!👏 

It turned out to be quite a hot afternoon & for our next 2 runs Jagger was not enthused & made it clear he had had enough for the day.  

Sunday morning JDX; we ran clear for our first JDX quallie!! AD was going beautifully until Jagger decided to skip the first tunnel, take the second one & leave the ring to make friends with a gentleman sitting nearby eating his lunch!  LOL 
This was the first time we have travelled away for Agility and we had a great time.


**8th September 2019**

Dogs NSW Library & Archives Show

3-6 Months Sweepstakes Jem aka Kirinbell Chase N The Dragon was awarded second place from a large competitive line up.  Go Baby Jem!!

Not wanting to be left out Gilbert performed beautifully to be awarded Best Bred by Exhibitor in the Gundog Group!



**15th August 2019**

We showed Jagger, Gilbert & Gertie at the EKKA (Brisbane Royal). There were twelve Brittanys entered, the most I have ever had the pleasure to show with. 
I am absolutely thrilled with our results; Gilbert and Gertie had very stiff competition starting right at class level, completing against mature Grand and Supreme Champions.  Gilbert 1st Australian Bred Dog,  Gertie 1st Intermediate Bitch, Bitch Challenge winner, Intermediate of Breed and Runner Up Best of Breed!! Go Gertie girl!! 
Gertie has won Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed at 3 Royal shows this year, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane - quite an achievement for our cheeky homebred girl 💕
Super proud of how all the kids represented their breed.

**11th August 2019**

A chilly start to the morning at the Dogs NSW Obedience and Tracking Committee Endurance Test.  Gilbert and Gertie ... aka the Bad Brown Babies .... aka the Terrible Twins... were exceptionally good Brittanys.  They successfully passed their 20km Endurance Test under Judge Sharon Hannigan NSW to be awarded their ET title.  They will now be known as Australian Champion Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ET and Australian Champion Kirinbell Brown Sugar ET.  A special thank you to Fiona Gill for piloting Gertie for the 20km ride and obedience tests.



**4th August 2019**

We attended Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club Jumping and Agility Trial; Jagger clear round and scored a  3rd place in Jumping Dog Novice 500.  I am always overjoyed when we get a clear but am extremely proud when Jagger earns a place.  500 height class is the toughest and most competitve being the class that has most of the super speedy Border Collies, Kelpies and the like.  Good Job Jagger!!



**29th July 2019**

It was a bittersweet weekend at Kirinbell.  Our puppies have gone off to their new homes.  As a breeder and their 'mum' it is very hard to say goodbye, but at the same time it is a wonderful experience to see the joy  with which they are received by their new families.  The puppies have gone to live their best lives far and wide; Sydney, Southern NSW, Melbourne, Regional Victoria, Brisbane, Darwin and Tasmania.  We look forward to being kept up to date with the adventures of our 'N'  and 'Chase' litter puppies; all of them always have a place in our hearts.


**13 July 2019**

At the Agility Dog Club of NSW Jumping and Agility Trial Jagger ran a gorgeous clear round and  scored a lovely 3rd place in Jumping Dog Novice 500.  Love my dog!!



Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN JC x Ch Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret

(Samba x Lewis)

Ten beautiful puppies were born 16th May.  Samba is doing an incredible job with them. Six males and four female all healthy chubby puppies.


Ch Tobenlee Show N Tell x Kirinbell Start Me Up

(Alice x Zeus)

Eight gorgeous babies delivered on 24th May.  Alice is a natural born mother, she absolutely adore she puppies.  Five males and three female all extremely contented, plump pups.







If you would like further information about our impending arrivals please telephone

Samantha on 0419 695 206


**3 May 2019**

At Morisset & District KC Show “Gilbert” Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud was awarded the Best of Breed and bought home a pretty fringie for Best Intermediate in the Gundog Group

**28th April 2019**


A very enjoyable day spent in the sunshine with the company of good friends at Hills Dog Club Show.  
The Brittanys had a good day out, 'Jagger', Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD RA ET JC was awarded Best of Breed and Best Open in Group!
His daughter, 'Gertie', Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar was Runner up Best of Breed & Best Australian Bred in Group!


**16th April 2019**

A huge day at the prestigious Sydney Royal Dog Show.  We took Jagger, Gilbert and Gertie along for the day and they were absolutely fantastic breed ambassadors, sweet and friendly with everyone they met and so very generous with their kisses.
The results were awesome too!
Best Open Brittany
Dog Challenge
Best Of Breed Brittany 
Best Australian Bred Brittany
Bitch Challenge
Runner Up Best of Breed Brittany
Best Intermediate Brittany
Reserve Dog Challenge


** 7th April 2019**

It was a fun, albeit hot, day for Gilbert (Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud) at Fairfield District ABKC Show ~ Best Intermediate in the Gundog Group under Mr Alan Hunt NSW 

** 3rd April 2019**

Tonight was Hills Dog Club Annual Presentations. I am very proud of our achievements over the past year.

Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar - Champion Title Trophy
Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud - Champion Title Trophy
Ch Kirinbell Party Doll - Champion Title Trophy

Grand Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD RA ET JC - Novice Obedience Gold Medallion and Rally Advanced & CD Title Tropy

Champion Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN JC - Rally Novice Title Trophy

And the icing on the cake ~ all of the above and Ch Tobenlee Show N Tell have been recorded on the Hills Dog Club Honour Board.


** 24th February 2019**
Super results for the 'terrible twins' aka 'the bad brown babies' at Canberra Royal Show today. Gilbert (Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud) awarded Australian Bred of Breed, Dog CC and Best of Breed and not to be outdone Gertie (Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar) Intermediate of Breed, Bitch CC and Runner Up to Best of Breed. We are very pleased with how these two are maturing.
**3rd February 2019**
We kicked off our first shows for 2019 at Novocastrian Ladies Canine Association shows this weekend and what great start to the year!

Saturday AM Jagger 10 point Best of Breed, Gilbert Runner Up Best of Breed over more mature competion and Gertie Australian Bred of Breed.
Saturday PM Jagger 10 point Best Breed, Best Open in Group and Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group!  Gilbert again Runner up Best of Breed!
Sunday AM Gilbert a very exciting 10 Point Best of Breed, super happy with how our young boy is maturing.  Jagger Runner Up Best of Breed and Gertie Best Bitch and Australian Bred of Breed.
**December 2018**
As the year draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our extended Kirinbell family a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous 2019.
Reflecting on 2018 it has been a great year for Kirinbell Brittanys.
We have three new Australian Champions:-
Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ~ Gilbert
Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar ~ Gertie
Ch Kirinbell Party Doll ~ Piper
Jagger has only been shown spasmodically this year as we are beginning to concentrate more on his performance career however his results speak for themselves:-
and on top of that
and his first Agility Jumping Dog Quallie


Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger ~ Jagger


Ch Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret~Lewis 
#1 NATIONAL RISING STAR for the 2ND YEAR running

Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar ~ Gertie

Ch Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ~ Gilbert

Ch Kirinbell Party Doll~Piper 


Ch Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret (Lewis) has had very limited showing this year but he has still achieved some very nice results.  Best of Breed at Brisbane Royal and TEN CLASSES IN GROUP.  Lewis has been awarded Class in Groups at every age level thus far.
Samba ~ Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN JC commenced competing in Rally this year and earnt her Rally Novice title with ease in 3 trials scoring 97/100 97/100 and 95/100...go girl!!
We have our first fully accredited psychotherapy dog Percy ~ Kirinbell Too Cool To Dance.  What a fantastic testament to the Brittany breed and our breeding program.  We are so proud of Percy  and Gwen!
Not to be outdone by the boys Solay ~ Kirinbell Tell It Like Solay has her Ku-Ring-Gai K9 Award, so she is officially a good citizen!  Solay regularly visits Aged Care residents and her cheerful, gentle presence does much to brighten and energise the elderly residents.  We are very proud of the work Solay and Sue are doing.
**24th November 2018**
Samba attained the final pass for her Rally Novice title today at Newcastle All Breeds Dog Training Club.  She performed beautifully earning herself a very respectable 95/100.  Dogs NSW pending she will now be known as Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN JC
**21st November 2018**
Samba (Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows JC) is Pets on the Park Black Friday Sale poster girl.  What a little supermodel!!
**14th November 2018**
We have another Kirinbell Australian Champion!  The stunning Piper has been awarded her Championship Title and will now be known as Ch Kirinbell Party Doll!  Well done Teresa and Piper.  Piper is from our 'Songs of Jagger' litter. She is sired by
Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CD RA ET JC
out of
Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows JC
**20 & 21st October 2018**
An awesome weekend showing and trialling in Port Macquarie.  Saturday saw Jagger (Grand Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RA ET JC ATD) awarded Best Open In the Gundog Group!
The delightful Samba (Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows JC NTD) won 2nd place on 97/100 for her very first trial in Rally Novice!
Sunday was another successful day for the Britts!  Samba 1st Place Rally Novice 97/100 and highest scoring Rally Dog in Trial. Jagger 1st Place CD 188/200 and his CD Title!
**8th October 2018**

I received this email today. I am so proud of Percy (Kirinbell Too Cool To Dance) and the work his family have done with him.

"Hi Sam,
You may recall one of my ambitions in choosing Percy back in 2016 was to use him as a therapy dog. Well, that dream has finally come true and we are now fully accreditated in the use of dog psychotherapy! Am so proud of my boy and how far he has come. 

Just wanted to share this happy news with you and hope that it gives you strong feedback on the exceptional temperaments of your dogs. 

All the best

**23 September 2018**
A fabulous weekend away in Coffs Harbour with Gilbert and Gertie, aka The Terrible Twins. The weather was gorgeous, lovely, sunny, warm days, fun friendly dog shows and the company of good friends.  
Show results for the G’s were consistent over the weekend with Gilbert taking 3 x Best of Breed & Gertie Runner Up. Gilbert was awarded a very nice Junior in Group from a competitive line up but unfortunately Gertie was knocked out every show so missed the opportunity to compete for class in Group.
**19th September 2018**
I am so proud of Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RA ET JC) he worked beautifully for me at Metropolitan Mid Week Trial this morning. We came first in the Novice ring on 195/200
**5th September 2018**

At West Wyalong Show, under Judge Miss Caroline Stuart NSW, Jagger  (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RA ET JC) Runner Up To Best In Group & Best Open In Group! And doing it for the girls Gertie (Ch Kirinbell Brown Sugar) Best Australian Bred In Group!
**21st August 2018**
Its official, their titles have arrived! We recently submitted videos to Do More With Your Dog in the US to have the dogs accessed for Trick Titles. The Do More With Your Dog trick titles are recognised by the AKC in the US but not the ANKC so the titles won't appear on their pedigrees. We have had so much fun doing them though and are going to keep training and work towards our Trick Dog Championship.
**18th August 2018**
An extremely proud breeder
Lewis ~ Ch Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret ~ BEST OF BREED at Brisbane ROYAL for the second consecutive year.  A huge thank you to Tiena and Paul who do an amazing job with this stunning young dog.
**11th August 2018**
Gertie BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR IN GROUP at Ladies Kennel & Obedience Club Broken Hill.  Go Gertie!
**2nd July 2018**
Home from a relaxing weekend away in Harden for Riverina District Shows. A successful RV adventure, new friends & 3 classes in Group from a very competitive Gundog lineup. Jagger 2 x Best Australian Bred & Gertie Best Junior in Group! 
**18th June 2018**
We are as proud as punch of our two new Kirinbell Champions!  At only 10 months old both Gertie and Gilbert have been awarded their Australian Championship Title.  Both these pups have had to compete against mature competition to earn their titles.
**1st June 2018**
Jagger takes out a lovely 10 point Best of Breed win and follows it up with RUNNER UP TO BEST EXHIBIT IN THE GUNDOG GROUP at Newcastle and Northern District Kennel Club
**22nd April  2018**
A lovely ending to a nice country weekend away Jagger BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN GROUP at Dogs NSW Western Region Show Forbes under Judge Mr K Kashiwagi from Japan.
**18th April  2018**
A successful day for Jagger and I at Metropolitan Mid Week Trial. Our first foray into Novice Obedience and Jagger worked beautifully earning himself 1st Place. We followed this up with Rally Advanced where although he was a little tired still managed to come away with 3rd Place and his RA Title (pending). I couldn't be happier with him.
**3rd March 2018**
At Braidwood Show today Jagger - Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET JC

Good job Jagger! We love Jagger to bits, he has matured into a stunning boy who always gives his best.
It was also a fabulous weekend for Lewis - Ch Kirinbell Tell Me a Secret, our Alice x Jagger son in Queensland, he was awarded 2 x Best Junior in Group at Casino & District Shows.  Great work Lewis!!
**27th January 2018**
Tonight was Manly & District Championship Show and what a good night for the Brittanys!
Gilbert - Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud ~ Puppy of Breed and Reserve Challenge Dog
Gertie - Kirinbell Brown Sugar ~ Minor Puppy of Breed, Challenge Bitch, Runner up Best of Breed & Best Minor Puppy in Group!
Jagger - Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET JC Australian Bred of Breed, Challenge Dog, Best of Breed and Best Australian Bred in Group!
**6th January 2018**
Australian Champion Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret (Lewis) has a great first show of the year - Best Puppy in Group at Mid North Coast Canine Club Show under Judge Mrs Jill Hocking VIC.  Well done Lewis, Tiena and Paul.
**31st December 2017**
As we wrap up the year and look back over past 12 months there have been some great Kirinbell moments this year!
Our 'Tell' litter arrived in January and Lewis 'Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret' went off to start life in QLD as our first homebred show dog and boy he has made us proud! He has done very well at Group level, he is already an Australian Champion and he finished 2017 as the Number 1 Rising Star Brittany Nationally!
2017 was a ripper of a year for Jagger.  Although he was only shown spasmodically this year he has been awarded Best in Group, Runner Up to Best in Group x 4, multiple Australian Bred in Group and 3 x Australian Bred in Show!  He finished the year Number 3 Show Brittany Nationally and Number 1 NSW, Number 2 Breed Challenger winner Nationally and Number 1 NSW, top that off with some very good Rally Passes, a Lure Coursing Title and progeny from his first litter doing very well in Conformation - we are thrilled to bits!
July our 'Songs of Jagger' litter arrived, all 13 of them!  We were very pleased with these puppies and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Gilbert and Gertie, the two we are running on here at Kirinbell, and also Piper and Troy who we hope will hit the show ring in 2018.
Gilbert and Gertie have made a nice start to their show careers.  In the very short time he has been shown this year Gilbert has had several Baby Sweep Stakes, Baby Puppy in Group wins and has finished the year Number 5 Rising Star Brittany Nationally and Number 1 Rising Star Brittany NSW.  But watch out Gilbert! Gertie has figured out what this showing gig is all about now and we think she will be hot on your tail in
**1st December 2017**
Gilbert - Kirinbell Get off My Cloud Best Baby Puppy in Group at Wyong Shire Canine Club Champ Show under Mr Michael Derbyshire NSW
**25th November 2017**
At Buladelah Show Gilbert - Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud 1st place Baby Puppy Sweep Stakes under Gundog Specialist Mr D Mahoney NSW
Best Baby Puppy in Group under Ms Katrina Santas NSW
**28th October 2017**
His first weekend out showing and Gilbert - Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud 1st Place Baby Puppy Sweep Stakes at Forbes Kennel Club under Ms Merideth Clegg VIC
**28th October 2017**
We are very proud to announce our first home bred Kirinbell Australian Champion ~ Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret (Lewis)
Lewis was today awarded the final points required for him to be titled an Australian Champion.  He earnt his title in fine style; he has been awarded numerous Best of Class in Group in all his age classes thus far and has at times taken Best of Breed and Dog Challenge over mature competition.  Lewis is owned, loved and campaigned by Tiena and Paul Palin of Wypipko Brittanys in Queensland and we can't thank them enough for making Lewis a very much loved member of their family.  Lewis is a stunning young dog with an eyecatching presence; we can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
**14th October 2017**
Jagger BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW at the Utility Gun 
Dog Club of NSW 
**24th July 2017**
We are over the moon our Jagger x Samba babies have arrived!  Samba did an amazing job whelping all 13 puppies naturally, we have a stunning litter of 7 boy and 6 girls.  These beautiful Brittany babies will be ready for new homes when they are about 10 weeks old (late Sept/early Oct).  Our puppies are raised using the Puppy Culture program, they are well socialised and have happy, outgoing temperaments. We are selective when it comes to future homes for our puppies.  We place puppies according to their compatibility with their new family and the role they will perform. Our puppies go to their new home with a comprehensive information booklet, a puppy pack including food, toys and a used crate pad to ensure they settle in at their new home.  Watch our Litters page for photos of these gorgeous puppies.
**22nd July 2017**
Brunswick Valley Kennel Club under Judge Mr Arthur Fry (VIC) Jagger BEST IN GROUP and onto BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED EXHIBIT IN SHOW under Judge Mrs Lynette Brown NSW!! 
Feelling very proud of our cheeky boy, he showed himself beautifully all weekend and was shortlisted for group on Sunday.
**27th June 2017**
We are very excited to announce a confirmed pregnancy and eagerly await the arrival of puppies from our breeding of 


**24th June 2017**
Jagger Runner Up To Best In Group and Best Australian Bred in Group under Judge Dr Vicki Knopke QLD at Cloncurry and District Canine Club
**11th June 2017**
Jagger Best Australian Bred in Group under Gun Dog Specialist Sylvia Brackman NSW at Parkes and District Kennel Club
**13th May 2017**
At Hills Dog Club Trial Jagger received his second pass in Rally Advanced A with a very respectable score of 92 points.  That's two down... one to go....
**7th May 2017**
A really fun day today with Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET) and Samba (Ch Tobenlee Chase N Shadows) at the NSW Lure Coursing Trial in Yass. Both the kids completed two qualifying runs and loved every second of it!! Pending Dogs NSW processing they will both have a JC (Junior Courser) after their names. I think they are the first Brittanys in Australia to attain a Lure Coursing Title. I just love the versatility of these dogs, they give their all to everything!!
**3rd May 2017**
Jagger awarded another Runner Up to Best In Group at Maclean Show under gundog specialist Ms Kim Tosi of Qld....way to go Jagger !!!
**19th April 2017**
A small brag from Metropolitan Midweek Obedience Trial today, Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET) first time in Rally-O Advanced A, 95 points and 2nd place! I was very happy with how he worked and 3 of the points we lost were entirely my fault... sorry Jagger.
**9th April 2017**

Kirinbell Tell Me a Secret aka Lewis had his very first show today and what a debut! Not one but two

Best Baby Puppy in Group and he had a great time to boot! Congratulations Tiena and Paul well done! 

Lewis is a Jagger (Gr Ch Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET) x Alice (Ch Tobenlee Show N Tell) pup.



** 18th March 2017**
Another lovely show day with Jagger Runner Up and Australian Bred in Group under Mrs Judy Horton VIC and then onto Australian Bred in Show under General Specials Judge Mr Michael Derbyshire NSW
** 17th March 2017**
Jagger Runner Up in Group at Tweed River Canine Club under Mr Michael Derbyshire NSW
** 8th  January 2017**
We are very excited to annouce the arrival of 9 beautiful puppies, four boys and five girls.  Well done Alice.
These babies are from our breeding of 
Grand Champion Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET
Champion Tobenlee Show N Tell
We are very pleased with the quality of these puppies and look forward to seeing at least one of them in the show ring in the very near future and several others are destined for bright futures in obedience and agility.
** 1st January 2017**
We did not get out to too many shows this year but the kids still managed to place very respectably in the 2016 Breed Pointscore.  Samba finished 2016 No. 1 Brittany in NSW and No. 4 Brittany Nationally!
Jagger was right on her tail  finishing at No. 2 Brittany in NSW and equal place No. 5 Nationally!
**5 Nov 2016**
Jagger's third CCD qualifcation and another FIRST PLACE on 97 points at Hills Dog Club Obedience Trial.  That is another title for Jagger.  He will now be know as Grand Champion Tobenee Moves Like Jagger CCD RN ET!!
**1 Oct 2016**
Another CCD Obedience trial for Jagger at Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club (held at Orchard Hills).  After some very scary moments with a magpie in the ring during the stays exercise we managed a nice score of 94/100 and our second qualification towards Jaggers CCD title.
**28 Sept 2016**
Jagger's first CCD obedience trial at Metropolitan Mid Week Dog Training Club.  So proud of the boy today, despite being handicapped by my nerves we managed a very nice score of 97/100 and FIRST place.  Got to be happy with that ! :)
**25 Sept 2016**
Today we attended our first lure coursing trial... what a blast!! 
Jagger and Samba were entered in their first ever runs and they both ran beautifully with both attaining their first qualification towards their Junior Courser title.  Alice had a training run at the end of the day and also just loved this sport.  We can't wait to get all three Brittanys coursing when the season commences again in 2017!
**August 2016**
After three months of training with Alice we were greatly disappointed that this years endurance test was cancelled due to bad weather and the poor conditions of the grounds.  We shall try again next year and will hopefully have both Alice and Samba fit and ready to compete.
**May 2016**
All of our Dance Litter puppies went off to their new homes this month.  It was a bittersweet weekend saying goodbye to these gorgeous kids but by all reports each and every one of them has settled into their new home beautifully and are very much loved and adored.
We are going to take a well earned rest for a few weeks and then Alice and I will begin training for the upcoming endurance test in August.
** 5th March 2016**
Puppies have arrived and Alice and pups are doing extremely well.  
Watch our puppy page for photos of these cuties over the coming weeks.
** 5th February 2016**

We are very pleased to announce a confirmed pregnancy and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of puppies by 

BISS/BIS/Australian Champion/American Champion Dogwood Hollow C I Can Dance (Imp USA) (Rudy)

out of 

Australian Champion Tobenlee Show N Tell (Alice)

Puppies from this exciting litter expected early March 2016

** 31st December 2015 **
Feeling very proud of the kids National Breed Challenge Pointscore results for 2015.  With only limited showing, especially in the latter part of the year, Jagger finished 2015 No. 1 Brittany in NSW and No. 2 Brittany Nationally!!
Alice was not far behind finishing at No. 2 Brittany in NSW, No. 5 Nationally, No. 1 Brittany Rising Star in NSW and No. 3 Brittany Rising Star Nationally!!

**Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016 from Kirinbell Brittanys**

**9th December 2015**

At Hills District Dog Club Inc Jagger was awarded the Dianne Atkins Trophy for Highest Achievement in Canine Competion for 2015.  He received this award for gaining his Grand Champion, Rally Novice and Endurance Titles all in one year.  Good boy Jagger!!

**20th September 2015**

Samba awarded the final points to her Australian Championship Title!! 

Pending Dogs VIC approval she will now be know as 'Aust CH Tobenlee Chase N Shadows'

**9th August 2015**

Jagger completed Dogs NSW Endurance Test (20km) passed all the vet checks and qualified for his Endurance Test Title

**2nd August 2015**

An awesome weekend with Jagger.  We spent the weekend in Dubbo competing in Rally Novice, his first ever trial and he nailed it! 

Friday 87 points and 2nd place

Saturday 99 points and 1st place

Sunday 93 points and 1st place and his Rally Novice Title

**26th July 2015**

At Rylestone Kandos and District Dog Club Show Jagger was awarded the final points to his Grand Championship Title!!

**26th July 2015**

Samba awarded another Best Minor Puppy in Group at Rylestone Kandos and District Show

**25th July 2015**

Samba awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group at Rylestone Kandos and District Show


**6th June 2015**

Jagger awarded Best Australian Bred in Group at Newcastle & Merewether Canine Club Show


**26th March 2015**

Sydney Royal 

Jagger Best of Breed Brittany

Alice Runner up to Best of Breed Brittany & Best Puppy Brittany


**7th March 2015**

Jagger awarded Best Intermediate in Group at Blayney A&P Association Show

**1st March 2015**

Alice awarded another Best Minor Puppy in Group at Medowie & District ABK Club Show

**28th February 2015**

Alice awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group at Medowie & District ABK Show

**15th February 2015**

Alice awarded the final points to her Australian Championship Title!!


**1st February 2015**

Alice Awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group and 3rd place in Puppy Sweepstakes at Tuggerah Lakes K&O Club Show


**31st January 2015**

Alice Best Minor Puppy in Group and then onto Best Minor Puppy in Show!!

Tuggerah Lakes K&O Club Show

**31st December 2014**
Jagger finished 2014 No. 1 Brittany in NSW and No. 4 Brittany Nationally!
With only 3 months in the show ring Alice finished 2014 No. 1 Rising Star Brittany in NSW and No. 3 Rising Star Brittany Nationally!

**14th November 2014**

Alice awarded Best Baby in Group and 2nd in Baby Sweepstakes at Children's Cancer Charity Dog Club Show

**8th November 2014**

Alice awarded 1st place in Baby Sweepstakes at Orange & District K&O Club Show







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